W126 Piano

Color:Mahogany Colour
For people:Professional Performance; The pursuit of better musical performance
Introduction:front width Lateral width height 151cm 59cm 126cm

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Front width / Lateral Width / Height

151cm / 59cm / 126cm

Die-Cast Aluminum key bed

(Patent No. ZL200420023359 .2)Anti-deformation key bed. The main body is made of cast aluminum alloy with robust and stable structure to guarantee that the bottom board will never deform. It I the major innovation in piano construction design.The key bed bases with key bed block, and a cavity is formed between the keyboard and the key bedblock to enhance the piano resonance.


German quality FFW felt, Würzen Co., Germany. Germany –  cold pressed felt hammers; mahogany hammer molding has good hardness, toughness ad internal stress. The elasticity and hardness of the hammer is evenly distributed, which effectively improves the sound quality. Beautiful appearance, and good durability and weather resistance.


Wooden pedals transmission structure follows the pure European style.

European Cartridge Type Muffler

The structure is firm and novel, which is easy to dismantle and install, works stably and reliably, as well as eliminating noise.

Special Soundboard

Using the world’s top leading technology to make the trapezoidal soundboard with Unequal thickness and width. Unequal width soundboard expands the effective vibrating area of the soundboard, especially in the mid and high regions.  The resonance of the different frequencies and the corresponding regions of the soundboard during the vibration of the strings is brought into play by the calculated unequal thickness of the soundboard and the scientific curved design of the soundboard.

Pin Block

High-pressure and multi-layer pin blocks are made of ultra-thick frame that never less than 32mm in order to guarantee the torque. Using European technology to select the high quality hard maple wood with firm glue and even density. Special high quality tuning pins and special thread for patented design.The layout of tuning pins is precise, the distance between tuning pins is reasonably enlarged, and the torque is even to improve the stability of the pitch.

Keyboard Damper Felt

German quality FFW felt from Würzen Co. ensures the accurate and uniform key depth and good weather resistance.

Upper Door Push-Button Locker

The structure is exquisite and novel, easy to operate.

Built-in QRS Slow Close Fallboard

Beautiful, elegant, and humanized design to protect the player’s deft fingers.

Sharp Keys – Ebony Wood

Comfortable touch, beautiful appearance, and the built-in weight adjustment allows you to vary the dynamic and static playing forces.

Special Screw & Punching

Gold and silver set of fastening screws and cylindrical punching on the plate are the finely processed, elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Strong European Rectangular Iron Plate

(Patent No. ZL 200720073606.3)

The iron plate is constructed in a rectangular frame to ensure that the strings are sturdy, sable and well laid out.

Accuracy of Components assembly

The entire manufacturing process uses the positioning technology. All assembly processes of bridge and soundboard, soundboard and frame base, frame base and shell use the positioning holes technology to ensure the better ensure precision of piano assembly.

Accuracy Control of Part details

The entire manufacturing process is digitally managed, from frame milling pillow bar, the formation of frame holes and pin holes, to punching holes for frame, milling soundboard frame, and rib trough etc. The whole projects are finished by high precision CNC machining plant so that the details of the piano parts have a higher precision.

Shell Surface

The surface of the shell’s side arms, keycaps, top cover and other components are rounded transition, beautiful and elegant.

Special Design of duplex scaling

Same as the grand piano, W126 uses the design of duplex scaling in the mid-high and bass area. It equalizes the stress on the strings and improves conductivity.

According to the principle of resonance of the effective and auxiliary string lengths, the sound is richer and more expressive, and the sound quality is closer to that of a grand piano.

Agraffe Bass(W126、W130)

The piano’s saddle bar in bass usually uses the fixed construction or saddle-button construction. The disadvantage of the traditional fixed saddle bar is that the effective string lengths of both strings in the bass area are not exactly the same, resulting in an impure sound. The advent of saddle button was an advancement that ensured a consistent effective string length for both strings, but was prone to the noises of process accuracy.

Agraffe bass has all the advantages of fixed saddle bar and saddle button, which is a major innovation in tone design. As it ensures that the effective string length and string spacing of both sets of strings are identical, while avoiding noises.

Mosaic Saddle in Mid& Treble Area (W126, W130)

The saddle bars are made of different materials for the mid and treble area.

The saddles are made of different materials according to the vibration frequency of the different areas, so that the sound is softer in the mid area and brighter, clearer and richer in the treble area.

Action (W126, W130)

The piano is made of high quality Eastern action, which is exported to Europe. The action rail, the damper stop rail, and the hammer rest rail are made of imported high quality multi-layer materials, together with the fine processing technology to ensure the stability of the piano action.

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Black, Mahogany


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