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Wendl & Lung is a piano manufacturing company started in 1910 as a collaboration between Stefan Lung and Johann Wendl in Vienna, Austria. By 1926 the firm was producing over 1000 pianos and sold to Europe and Middle East region. After the Second World War the factory continues to prosper and became one of the most famous leading brands in the Austria music industry.

Plate Wet sand cast, full perimeter for strength and tuning stability
Soundboard 1,798 square inches, all mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
String German Röslau wire. Treble: V-Bar and Steel Pressure Bar
No. 1 Bass String Speaking Length 47 in.
Pin Block  Multi-laminate 17 layers maple
Tuning Pins # 45 steel, chromium sealed
Ribs 11 quarter sawn spruce
Backposts 4
Action Performance Plus™ design made of European hornbeam, PAS (Permanent Action Stability) of cast aluminum
Action Rail Extruded aluminum
Hammers German quality FFW felt, Würzen Co., Germany—cold pressed felt hammers; mahogany hammer molding
  • Naturals—Laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstans, weighted and balanced
  • Sharps—Ebony Wood
Bridges Solid maple—Hand notched, Bass Bridge: Solid maple
Casters Double solid brass
Pedals Solid brass: Soft—Sustaining—Mute

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