Model: W218
Origin: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Size: 218*156*102cm
Color: Shiny black
For people: professional performance; concert
Weight: 390kg
Introduction: Elaborate production of Wendl&Lung, a century-old brand from Austria



Design size:
Length 218 cm, width 156 cm, height 102 cm.

Design, materials and process description:

  1. According to the technical requirements data of Austrian century-old brand Wendron, it is processed and tuned up. The hard solid wood back column and strong back frame structure ensure that the W218 piano is stable for a long time under the action of huge tension.
  2. The W218 piano uses the imported CNC five-axis linkage processing factory to process the curved back curvature, making it reach the domestic and even international standards, providing a reliable guarantee for the quality and stability of the piano.
  3. All the drilling work on the W218 piano iron plate, the milling of the bolster ribs, and the joining of the various parts of the sound source are completed by high-tech numerical control equipment to achieve strict control of accuracy, thereby ensuring the overall quality of the piano.
  4. The temperature and humidity are strictly controlled for all woods, and the whole production line is strictly controlled for temperature and humidity, and the positioning hole technology is used throughout the whole piano manufacturing process. The three-point positioning mode is used to cooperate with the high-precision CNC processing factory imported from Japan by Hailun Piano Company, which is very rare. Make the assembly accuracy reach domestic and even international standards.
  5. W218 piano keyboard felt is made of HAINSWORTH felt imported from the United Kingdom. It is matched with a pure solid wood keyboard to ensure accurate and uniform down-key depth and good weather resistance to ensure that the piano has a stable and consistent performance in different environments. Good feel.
  6. The soundboard of the W218 piano is made of European Bavarian spruce sheet imported from Austria, which lays a good foundation for the beautiful sound. The hammers are made of German imported FFW hammer felt to ensure the softness of the sound quality. The German imported ROSLAU special strings, Ensure the sound quality is beautiful and the strings have good overtones when playing.
  7. The W218 piano adopts an inclined soundboard resonance structure, which increases the width of the piano soundboard, especially in the middle and bass parts of the piano. This advantage is very obvious. This design makes the effective vibration area of ​​the piano soundboard significant. By increasing, it can produce a louder volume than an ordinary piano of the same model. At the same time, the vibration stress of the soundboard has a clear correspondence with the string, which effectively improves the sound quality of the piano.
  8. The wooden parts such as the ribs of the W218 piano are finely processed from a variety of high-quality woods produced in Northeast China or Russia. Pure solid wood string code is more conducive to sound transmission.
  9. Equipped with a top cover descending device, which is easy to operate and more user-friendly.
  10. The main gear of the W218 piano action is made of aluminum metal wrapped with wood, which is not easy to deform and makes its working state more stable.
  11. W218 piano hollow fancy music stand, iron plate round hole decoration and other details, make the piano look elegant.
  12. The top cover of W218 piano is made of high-quality white wood (oak), which has strong stability and is not easy to deform.


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