The most important question for me is, why should I purchase a piano on line from your company ?
The simple answer is that we are the first major piano company addressing exclusively to be a high end seller of NEW pianos on the web. Our success depends on providing instruments that are by far of the finest quality in their class combined with the very ultimate in customer service and quality control to make our clientele.
Why should I buy a Wendle & Lung instrument ?
W&L is a European designed piano in the same high quality position as Yamaha pro series, Schimmel, and Boston. However the attention to detail, pre U.S. delivery master prep and after sale service put it in a class of its own.*
I'm not familiar with the W&L piano, why have I not heard more about them?
Until this point the brand has been sold mostly in Europe and Canada as an upscale brand with limited access in the US.
What is the quality level of the W & L instruments ?
We provide comparison charts with our closest competition’s comparable models which all cost more than the W & L. After looking at the specs you will see that we meet or beat every important component, material and construction point mentioned.
Have they been in business for long ?
They have been designing and building pianos based in Vienna Austria for over a hundred years.
. Who controls the brand and the company?
The brand is, and has been the hands of a W&L family member since it’s beginning.
Who is bringing the W&L pianos to the U.S.
North American distribution is being handled by Vienna International, a U.S.- European based company.
Who is Vienna International and what other brands do they represent in the U.S.
V.I. has for many years been representing the prestigious Petrof and Anton Petrof pianos in North America, with some models priced at over $175,000.00. , so V.I. is very skilled at providing high end pianos to homes and institutions.
Where will my piano arrive from ?
Your piano will come from one of our regional PTG member tech workshop warehouse locations across the U.S. after every part of the instrument and the finish of the cabinet is checked and rechecked for form and function before white glove delivery to your location.
I live in a less populated area, will there be a problem shipping my piano to me?
Absolutely not. our door to door delivery service is prepared for almost any location and delivery nuance within reasonable limits.
What about service after delivery.
Service Nationwide will be handled by the Tech Warehouse locations through our network of 3000+ certificated, registered field techs available even in less populous areas.
What happens after I receive my piano?
Very much, after a 14 day acclimation period (fine instruments need to adjust to their new environment) your assigned tech will do the first in-home service which entails a tuning, comprehensive regulating to your taste, and an overall inspection to assure a flawless placement.
If I do have a question or a situation arises where I need to speak to someone what do I do?
You will be assigned a real person to talk with who will be your contact person for any and all questions you might have about anything pertaining to the instrument. including any warranty questions.
What is the warranty period and who takes care of it ?
You will receive a warranty certificate from Vienna Int./ Wendl & Lung Piano that covers a 15 year period for the original buyer.